Against HGSU-UAW Campaign

If you share my views about and/or are against the graduate student unionization at Harvard, you could help prevent it from happening by:

  1. Voting “No” on the election day, if you are eligible to vote.
  2. Sharing this blog with your friends. (
  3. Raising awareness about the up-coming election by having discussions with fellow graduate students and persuading them to vote “No”.
  4. Liking the Against HGSU-UAW Facebook page and sharing why you are against the unionization.
  5. Organizing a union information session where the views shared in this blog are reflected. (Please feel free to invite me.)

Please contact me for any other helpful ideas!

This page was inspired by a similar page on

One thought on “Against HGSU-UAW Campaign

  1. Love your work. Can I suggest:
    1. Add a link to the posters to our campaign page so that ppl can download and print them.
    2. Add a new page with a full copy of the email that went out this afternoon.
    3. Post a link on the Facebook page to John Gee’s Facebook post (which he’s just submitted as an oped to the crimson) — it really shows how their movement is just ideological, not practical, and confirms their intention to be disruptive to our work.

    Really appreciate all your work!


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